Products of Iran Magnesite Co.

Products of the company can be divided into two categories:

a)  Magnesium Carbonate and Oxides ( Caustic Calcined )

b)  Magnesia Cements and additives


a) Magnesium Carbonate and Oxides ( Caustic Calcined )

1)  Magnesium Carbonate ( Magnesite )            

This mineral is used in various industries including chemical, rubber, tile and ceramics.


2)  Magnesium Oxides ( Caustic Calcined ) ( Magnesia )

Magnesium Oxides can be provided in the following grades:

2-1)  Grade 01 : for Grinding Wheels, Pharmaceuticals, Car Tires

2-2)  Grade 02 : for Animal Feed

2-3)  Grade 11 : for treating process waters, Grinding Wheels

2-4)  Grade 24 : for Grinding Wheels


b) Magnesia Cements and additives

1)  Magnesia Cements

These are special type of cements used in Oil Well Drilling as Fluid Loss Control (FLC) agents.

They can be provided in two types:

1-1)  Magnesia Cement Regular : used in Medium Temperature Oil Wells

1-2)  Magnesia Cement Retarded : used in High Temperature Oil Wells


2)  Magnesia Cements additives

2-1)  Magnesia Cement Thinner :  is used to improve rheological properties and pumpability of Magnesia Cement slurry.

2-2)  Magnesia Cement Retarder :  is used to increase the setting time of the Magnesia Cement slurry